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Patient information and support for your patients are available

The following resources may help your patients understand their disease and get some much needed support.

Information and support specifically for TTR-FAP

www.ttrfapConnection.com, sponsored by Pfizer, is a Web site specifically dedicated to informing and supporting patients with TTR-FAP. It provides patients with accessible information and also serves as a portal to other support and advocacy organizations concerned with amyloidosis and rare diseases. Visitors to the United States site can also enroll in a program to receive updates and additional educational materials as they
become available.

Visit www.ttrfapConnection.com

Information and support for amyloidosis and rare diseases

In addition, the organizations below provide information, advocacy, networking, and support resources for TTR amyloidosis patients and their families. This list is not all-inclusive. Pfizer provides these links to external Web sites as a resource to our visitors and is not responsible for site content or services.

Amyloidosis Australia

www.amyloidosis.com.au (Australia)

Associação Brasileira de Paramiloidose

www.abpar.org.br (Brazil)

The Canadian Amyloidosis Support Network, Inc.

www.thecasn.org (Canada)

Canadian Organization for Rare Disorders (CORD)

www.raredisorders.ca (Canada)

Association Française contre l'Amylose


La Società Italiana per l'Amiloidosi

www.amiloidosi.it (Italy)

Groningen Unit for Amyloidosis Research &
Development (GUARD)

www.amyloid.nl (Netherlands, in English and Dutch)

Associação Portuguesa de Paramiloidose

www.paramiloidose.com/site.php (Portugal)

Amyloidose PWAS

www.amyloidose.ch (Switzerland)

National Amyloidosis Centre

www.ucl.ac.uk/medicine/amyloidosis/nac (United Kingdom)

Amyloidosis Foundation

www.amyloidosisresearchfoundation.org (United States)

Amyloidosis Support Groups

www.amyloidosissupport.com/index.html (United States)

National Organization for Rare Disorders, Inc.

www.rarediseases.org (United States)

NORD Rare Disease Support Community

www.inspire.com/groups/rare-disease/ (United States)

Neuropathy Association

www.neuropathy.org (United States)